Gathering Outcomes (2012–2022)

This article is a compilation of my contributions to other media and channels throughout the last decade. They are pieces of reflection and strategy around data innovation initiatives and strategic positioning on issues like urban planning, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, digital regulation, data ethics, and data for social good.

Debate, reflection and dissemination on digital transformation and ethical implications of new technologies:

What should be taken into account if Artificial Intelligence is to be regulated?

Data: The Lever to Promote Innovation in the EU

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to its True Potential

The responsible use of data and algorithms

What does a company need in order to be successful in this new digital environment?

The three pillars of the digital revolution: data, talent and innovation

Machine learning: What is it and how does it work?

Partial contributions:

MIT CISR: BBVA fuels digital transformation progress with a data science center of excellence

WEF: Unlocking Greater Insights with Data Collaboration

PwC: Ciudades y ciudadanos en 2033 La transformación urbana de España

Spanish only:

Invertia: Datos, la materia prima de la IA, Claves y aspectos abiertos de la regulación europea sobre uso de datos e IA (parte I y parte II), La IA en la UE: buscando el equilibrio entre la protección de los derechos humanos y el fomento de la innovación, Gaia-X, la UE en busca de su soberanía tecnológica

BBVA ante la Estrategia Nacional de IA de España

Cinco maneras en que el ‘machine learning’ puede complicarte la vida

Así ‘enchufa’ BBVA su área de negocio al Big Data

Datos ¿Y si el Estado usase LinkedIn para crear empleo?

PayStats, los datos al servicio del cliente

OdiseIA: La ética en las estrategias nacionales de inteligencia artificial de los países de nuestro entorno, ¿Qué implicaciones va a tener la AI Act europea sobre las soluciones para Ciudades Inteligentes?

▫ My personal blog in Spanish: caleidoscopio

Data Science Innovation projects:

Urban Discovery: new inner boundaries of México, Madrid and Barcelona through big data footprint

Analysis on socio-economic resilience after natural disasters — project in partnership with United Nations Global Pulse:

  1. Research outcome

Visualization of foreign tourism flows through their spending patterns

Academic Research in partnership with university teams:

Revisiting Jane Jacobs: Quantifying urban diversity

Cities through the Prism of People’s Spending Behavior

Crowdsourcing the Robin Hood effect in cities

Using Transactional Data to Determine the Usual Environment of Cardholders

Measuring Retail Trade Using Card Transactional Data

MIT CISR research on BBVA Digital Transformation

▫ Other papers can be seen at my Researchgate profile



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Juan Murillo Arias

MSc Civil Engineer by UPM, Executive MBA by EOI. Experience as urban planner and project manager in technological innovation and smart cities initiatives.