Ethical AI by design


Objectives to be achieved in the ethical development of AI

1| Proper access to data, and secure data management

1.1| Privacy by design

1.2| Specific actions towards privacy risk mitigations

2| Fairness

2.1| Data quality, data representativeness and accuracy

2.2| Social Biases

2.3| Specific actions towards bias risk mitigation

3| Algorithmic transparency

3.1| AI interpretability vs AI explainability

3.2| Specific actions towards lack of interpretability risk mitigation

4| Human Control and accountability

4.1| Different levels of automation

4.2| Feedback loops and adaptive algorithms: control of self-adapting systems

4.3| Specific actions towards automantion risk mitigation


Governance of ethical issues



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Juan Murillo Arias

MSc Civil Engineer by UPM, Executive MBA by EOI. Experience as urban planner and project manager in technological innovation and smart cities initiatives.